FRAC/LRACComprehensive Review

Often overlooked, providing your customer a rental vehicle is necessary for dealership CSI, and the rental experience has more impact on customer satisfaction than many dealers recognize. Do you depend on outsiders to manage this customer relationship or do you control the situation? A properly run rental department is an absolute necessity to customer retention, and increased sales.

Let’s face it. Service loaners or rental operations might not get that much attention at the dealership. . But the reality is that it is very important to improved CSI, selling more vehicles and building profits. The problem is it’s difficult to commit the resources to such a small department. But if you don’t you could be missing out on a large opportunity that impacts your entire dealership! Make sure you’re leaving nothing to chance. Optimize your opportunity by signing up for a free audit today.

The FRAC/LRAC Comprehensive Review will identify the most pressing areas within your dealership where opportunity is walking out the door. Dealers Group Area Managers have over 240 years of combined rental experience, and through our RentPlus™ program we are able to provide the training tools and software needed to manage a service loaner or retail fleet, improve your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

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